Source code of Ahmia is open source and available on Github Github link

One can setup a working version of Ahmia on a local machine with its own crawlers and index.

Source code is mainly divided into three parts :

  • ahmia-index
    Index containing onions crawled by your crawlers
  • ahmia-crawler
    Crawls onions on the Tor network and feeds it to the index
  • ahmia-site
    Contains the code of the website including search results


Linking structure :

Onion information

All banned hidden services:
These are MD5 sums calculated from youronionaddress.onion\c part (echo -e "youronionaddress.onion\c" | md5sum).

All known non-banned onion domains:

For filter requests of onions:

For hidden service operators

You can add your domains and sub-domains on Ahmia add page : Add

Info about hidden service indexing and crawling : Indexing

Ahmia blacklists child abuse content : Blacklist

  •  Globaleaks Platform
  •  Tor2Web Platform
  •  HERMES Center for Transparency and Digital Rights
  •  Tor Project
A man-in-the-middle fake clone detected!
Right onion address starts with msydq and ends with zerdg.onion.
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